Archaeological sites Runcu

Archaeological sites Runcu

Sites in the locality Runcu, located in the foothills Valcan, 17 km west of Targu Jiu, comprise settlement Paleolithic “La Bulboci” located 800 m northwest of the village, on both sides of Sohodolului, dating from the Bronze Age.There are some cave drawings here – a smoothed surface rocks were carved using a sharp instrument, isolated scenes and figures in an exaggerated style. Also, the cave was discovered a deposit composed of seven sew Dacian.

Civil settlement “At the Cross” is located 300 m north of the village, on both sides of Sohodol river and dates from the Bronze Age culture belonging Cojofeni II-III centuries BC Runcu center of the village can be found the ruins of a medieval building in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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