Runcu – borough where the wonders of nature and have met

Located just 10 kilometers from the city of Targu-Jiu, Runcu can become the perfect destination for a weekend in the countryside. Natural and cultural riches make Runcu Gorj County a destination of lovers of mountain tourism and eco tourism, rural tourism in a clean environment.Runcu in the village of the same name, visitors can admire a broken fairytale. In [...]

100 Tracks Runcu

At the end of two weeks of preparation, arrived and a new edition of the competition off-roader Runcu. With great joy, we sat our village on the map 4 × 4 out competitions in Romania and will continue in the future. The warm weather, and enthusiastic audience filled atmosphere.

Tismana Monastery

Tismana Monastery, located 30 kilometers west of Targu Jiu and 5 kilometers north of town Tismana, this monastic settlement is among the oldest in the Romanian country, with a primary role in maintaining the orthodox faith throughout the centuries. Toponyme Tismana word comes from “fortified place of walls.” But the name can be taken and shaft “Thuja” which formerly [...]

Archaeological sites Runcu

Sites in the locality Runcu, located in the foothills Valcan, 17 km west of Targu Jiu, comprise settlement Paleolithic “La Bulboci” located 800 m northwest of the village, on both sides of Sohodolului, dating from the Bronze Age.There are some cave drawings here – a smoothed surface rocks were carved using a sharp instrument, isolated scenes and figures in [...]