Runcu – borough where the wonders of nature and have met

Runcu – borough where the wonders of nature and have met

Located just 10 kilometers from the city of Targu-Jiu, Runcu can become the perfect destination for a weekend in the countryside. Natural and cultural riches make Runcu Gorj County a destination of lovers of mountain tourism and eco tourism, rural tourism in a clean environment.Runcu in the village of the same name, visitors can admire a broken fairytale. In the courtyard of one of the families here are Izbucul Jales, from where the river flows Jales.

The particular beauty, water with green reflexes and populated by colorful and lively fish, draws many who have heard of intermittent spring. Izbucul Sage is a dream to be in a place where you feel that peace of God surrounds you is awesome and playing in water trout which reflects the sun. Clean water, mountain, ooze cheerful among large rocks.

The beauty of the landscape, that is mountain town, the wonders it has to offer I have made many of the visitors to return to Runcu. The area is one where gorjenii still retain old customs and traditions. Fish farming, hunting, outdoor walks, picnics on the edge of coniferous forests, hiking through forests Runcului, visiting caves in the municipality are just some of the things you can do once you arrive here. As cultural attractions, mention the existence of old churches, monuments of heroes, ancient traditions are well preserved, memorial house “Maria Apostol”. Traditional food is one of the things people take pride in Runcu.

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